Grade R – Grade 7 Monday to Thursday

 07:30 – 14:00

Grade R – Grade 7 Friday

 07:30 – 13:30

Aftercare Daily until 17:30

256 Tipperary Road

Postnet Suite 038
Private Bag x 1007, Lyttelton


Tel. (012) 654 6818



  • This is a Christian School built on Biblical principles.
  • The home, school and church must play complimentary roles in the child’s life.  It is, therefore desirable for both parents to be committed Christians and active members of a church.
  • This is an inter-denominational school and it is therefore not necessary to belong to a specific church group, however we believe and speak the power of JESUS.
  • Testing prior to acceptance.  After acceptance enrolment, forms and fees have to be paid in order to secure position in class.
  • Our classes are small in number ie no more than 20 learners per class but big in love, care and education.


Correspondence concerning any school matter, e.g. letters concerning school procedure, appointments, etc. must be addressed to the Principal in written form.

Should parents wish to take a child out of school during the school term for whatever reason, such a request must be submitted to the principal in writing for approval.  Approval will only be granted if the child has fulfilled all responsibilities, which may be due during the time of absence from, school ie tests, assignments, projects, orals etc.  It will be the parent’s sole responsibility to find out what these tasks are and ensure that all is submitted before departure.  Please note that if a child is away during a scheduled test and misses such a test the child will forfeit the marks for this test as there will not be any make-up test.  These conditions are not negotiable!


Kindly inform the school in writing immediately of any change of address or telephone numbers.


When a learner suffers from a permanent or recurring illness, please inform the school immediately for record purposes.  If necessary, the relevant medication must be kept in the sickroom.  Please do not send ill children to school.  Parents will be phoned if learners become ill during school and need to be fetched before 13:30. If a child is scheduled to write a test on a day of which he/she may be ill, the child will have to come to school early, write the test and then may go home again provided a doctors note is handed. This rule does not apply to children who are admitted to hospital.  Such children will receive a term average for any missed tests.  Tasks due when a child is ill must be handed in at the office by the parent on the due date.


Medical and dental appointments should be made, as far as possible, after school hours. Where an appointment can only be made during school hours, the parents are to notify the school office, in writing, a day in advance.  This letter of request must be signed by the principal.  No children are just allowed to be kept out of school without a legitimate reason.  No learners may leave the premises without being signed out by the principal. Parents need to send an email to the principal requesting such permission.


It is very important that the children arrive at school on time.  A large amount of life skills learning takes place first thing which allows the children to regroup and focus on the day that lies ahead.

Parents who are unavoidably late are requested to be as unobtrusive as possible when bringing their child to class and not to disturb the whole group.  If you arrive after 08:30, please report directly to the office as your child would have been marked absent.


For security reasons anybody, including parents, that come onto the school property during school hours need to report to the admin office.

No children are allowed to leave the school property, with an unauthorised person, at any time unless arrangements have been made by the parents with the office.


Morning care is provided from 06:45 to 07:30 every morning.  No child may be dropped off before 06:45 for security reasons.  Parents must ensure that morning care staff members are on duty before they depart.

The school will not accept responsibility for any child dropped off before 06:45


The Gauteng Department of Education recommends the following hours of study:

Reception Phase

Homework for this phase is recommended for once per week to enable the child to begin fostering a good habit of doing homework.

Foundation Phase:

Limited homework according to Departmental Policy to inculcate work already done in the classroom +/- 30 minutes per day except for Fridays.

Intersen Phase:

Gr 4 – Gr 7: One hour per day.

Children who have not completed their homework by the due date will have to attend break or afternoon detention until the outstanding work has been completed.


Stationery packs may be purchased from any store of the parents choice. Stationery must be marked and returned to school on the first day upon returning to school for the new school year. Learners are expected to have an extra set of stationery at home in order to complete their homework.  Should stationery become depleted during the course of the year a letter will be sent home in order to replenish missing stationery items. All items must be individually marked.  Intermediate phase will keep their stationery at home and bring it to school daily.

An Annual Educational Levy will also be levied and must be settled by the end of November of each year.  This levy is used to cover all additional educational materials needed by the learners as well as the use of textbooks and readers for the next academic year.


Children may borrow books from the media centre on scheduled days and the Grade 7 leaders administrate this. 


The school cannot be held responsible for any valuables lost and parents are advised to discourage children from bringing valuable items or toys to school. All personal belongings must be clearly marked. It is not encouraged that cell phones are brought to school however if it is necessary for a learner to have a cell phone at school it must be handed in at the school office in a marked plastic bag and may be collected at the end of the school day.  Cell phones not handed in will be confiscated and only returned at the end of the academic school year.


All boys and girls attend school assemblies.


Parents, brothers, sisters or other relatives may not visit learners or educators in classrooms under any circumstances. Visitors are requested to report to the principal when visiting the school.  Messages will be passed on to learners from the admin office.

The right of admission to the school grounds is reserved.


Physical Education is compulsory for all learners. Learners not able to take part in Physical Education on a particular day must produce a note signed by their parent/guardian on that day.


Please accompany your child into the school gate onto the enclosed property to ensure their safety.  When doing so please park in the parking bays provided.  The drop-off area is literally for a drop off and go.  Our capable staff will in this case accompany your child onto the school grounds.


After-care is available for those who are in need of such.  A registration and application form must be completed.  After-care will run from 14:00 – 17:30. Should a child be fetched late from the after-care more than 3 times, the parents will be requested to make alternative afternoon arrangements. The children receive a fully balanced meal and supervised homework, which is enriched with extra exercises.

Proper notice must be given when children are to be collected by someone else, preferably in writing.  Aftercare starts 15 minutes after the child’s normal home time and any child not collected by this time will be sent to aftercare to ensure their safety.  A daily cost will be payable upon collection.  Although the aftercare staff will endeavour to make every effort for children to complete their homework at aftercare, it still remains homework and thus the responsibility of the parents to ensure that such homework is completed.

Parents are expected to inform the school office if they are delayed as children become anxious when they are not collected on time.

13:30 -14:00Compulsary Homework Class
14:00 -14:15Lunch
14:15 – 15:00 Aftercare Homework Class
15:00 – 17:30 or until parents collect their children Free Play
AFTERCARE FEES   After care for Pre School: R800 per month After care for Foundation and Intermediate Phase: R800 per month Daily After Care rate: R150 FULL DAY / R100 HALF DAY


All lost property is collected and sent to the office. Children whose clothing is marked will be sent to their classes respectively.  Baskets with lost property are placed out daily for parents to check through.  All uncollected lost property is donated to an orphanage every Friday. 


We do have a thrift shop.  The contact person is Vino Naidoo 012 654 6818.


Tuck shop runs on a daily basis, serving healthy food as well as sweets for second break and after school.


Elturion Independent Christian School applies a merit system based on positive discipline. Self-discipline and individual growth are promoted. Merit points are awarded for excellence both in the classroom and extra-murally.

Merits are accumulated throughout the term.  Children are rewarded with merit shopping once a month.

All learners must be conversant with the school rules and abide by them as their contribution to the smooth running of the school and the upholding of its standards.

It must be noted that legally the school uniform is an extension of the school and that the rules of conduct, the authority and jurisdiction of the school can accompany the learner as long as he/she is in school uniform in public.

  • On mornings of Hall Assembly, learners are to enter the assembly area in an orderly manner. Learners must take up their places and sit quietly. After assembly, learners should move out smartly.
  • Learners using the precincts of the school in the evenings or on Saturdays must do so with the knowledge of the Principal and under supervision of an educator or authorised person.
  • If learners report sick, they report to the admin office who will telephone the parent to collect the child.  Learners may not phone their parents to collect them if they are ill.
  • No learner may leave the school grounds during school hours without the Principal’s written permission.
  • Learners are responsible for the textbooks and equipment issued to them.
  • Foodstuffs must not be eaten in classrooms and passages, but away from the school building. Learners must keep the school grounds neat by using the rubbish bins provided. Chewing gum is never allowed.
  • Malicious damage caused to any school property (de-facing desks, walls, breaking windows/chairs etc.) will result in the parents of the child being invoiced for the full repair of the damage.


Learners are expected to:

  • Obey instructions issued by a member of staff, monitor, leader or class captain.
  • Stand when speaking to an adult, as well as when an educator enters a classroom.
  • Greet the educator at the beginning of a lesson before sitting down and wait to be dismissed at the end of a lesson.
  • Make way for an educator on crowded stairs or corridors.
  • Greet visitors in the corridors and offer assistance when necessary.
  • Greet educators in the corridors and on the grounds.


Repeated flouting of rules and a disregard for the needs of others may result in the offending party being asked to attend a disciplinary discussion.  In the event of a repetition of the unacceptable behaviour, the child may be asked to leave the school.  Parents may be asked to collect children from school for certain transgressions e.g. swearing, crewed or violent behaviour.

Should a child be in violation three times the child will be asked to leave the school.  Should a child be found to be unnaturally violent, parents would be asked to take such a child for an evaluation and consequent professional assistance.  Failing to adhere to this request, will result in the child being asked to leave the school.


Learners are expected to be neat, clean and have their hair well groomed.  No nail polish on finger nails or hair colouring may be used. School uniform is to be worn at all times except for Grade RR.  No jewellery is permitted, other than what has been specified under the jewellery section in this document.  School uniform must be clean, neat at all times, and free from any form of stains.  Children will not be permitted to wear soiled uniform.



  • Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Hair that touches the bottom of the collar, hair in any way causing an obstruction to learning or sight must be tied up. Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Alice-bands, clips, scrunchies etc. must be orange, navy, white or a combination thereof.  These must also be appropriate for wearing with a school uniform.  Fashion clips/clasps are not permitted.
  • Hair may not be permed or coloured.
  • Hair may be relaxed.  Extensions are not encouraged, but if worn, must be clear of the eyes, must follow the contour of the head or must be tied up if shoulder length.  Extensions must be the same colour as the natural hair.
  • A maximum of two ponytails may be worn.
  • Learners may wear gel, mousse or hairspray; however, no wet look is permitted!
  • As hair fashions change, the principal has the right to ask any pupil to change a hairstyle that is not appropriate.


  • Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Hair must be short and well groomed.  No hair to hang in the eyes.  The fringe must be well clear of the eyebrows.
  • Fashion hairstyles will be at the discretion of the principal.
  • As fashions change, the principal has the right to ask any learner to change a hairstyle that is not appropriate.
  • Learners who wear their hair short (brush cut) are limited to using a number 4 blade  –  less than that is a skinhead which is not acceptable.
  • Learners may wear gel/mousse in their hair; however, no wet look is permitted!


  • A single “Jesus” jewellery/bands or cross, may be worn
  • Only “Medic Alert” bracelets or pendants may be worn.
  • Girls may only wear one stud with or without a stone or sleeper or hoop, in the middle of each ear lobe of each ear.
  • Watches may be worn.
  • Confiscated items may be collected at the end of the year from the principal.  If a confiscated item is lost it will not be replaced, as it should not have been worn to school.  Parents must collect confiscated items.
  • School uniforms may not be written on or defaced in any way.
  • Badges (metal or plastic) which do not relate to school activities must not be worn.
  • One, colour co-ordinated, WWJD band may be worn.
  • The boys may not wear earrings at school or at any school related functions.
  • The girls may wear signet rings.
  • No other jewellery may be worn.


Starting time is 07:30 am and all learners are expected to be punctual.  A doctor’s certificate is required for absence from school on more than 2 days or where an absence occurs on a Monday or a Friday.  Learners may not leave the school property during school hours unless arrangements have been made with the principal.  These regulations are stipulated by the GDE and do not apply to Grade RR.  Children may not be absent from school on a test or exam day.  Should a child fall ill on such a day he/she will still need to come to school to write the test and may then go home.  Should this be impossible a doctor’s note is required and the child will then be expected to write the test on the day of his/her return to school.

Should parents wish to take a child out of school during the school term for whatever reason, such a request must be submitted to the principal in writing for approval.  Approval will only be granted if the child has fulfilled all responsibilities, which may be due during the time of absence from, school i.e. tests, assignments, projects, orals etc.  It will be the parent’s sole responsibility to find out what these tasks are and ensure that all is submitted before departure.  Please note that if a child is away during a scheduled test and misses such a test the child will forfeit the marks for this test, as there will not be any make-up test.  These conditions are not negotiable!


No child may attend the school if he/she has;

  • had diarrhoea in the past 24 hrs,
  • vomited in the past 24 hrs,
  • a temperature above 37.8,
  • a rash
  • a septic focus anywhere,
  • infected eyes,
  • yellow/green nasal secretions (Preschool children)
  • an exceptionally heavy cold or cough,
  • lice or nits,
  • any other infectious diseases.

We follow the guidelines, stipulated in the Health Act, 1977 (Act 63 of 1977) regarding Childhood Diseases (1995) indicating the length of time that the child must stay off school.

NO medicine may be put in any child’s bag.  Please leave it in the office in a clearly marked container with written instructions as to the dosage and duration of treatment.

If your child is taking homeopathic medicine, the school will not give the medication hourly, as the child is then too sick to be at school.  We will give it to the child at midday.

Children that suffer from Asthma must have an asthma pump at school, in case of emergencies.

Medicine must be collected form the office as it will not be handed to children.  Sick or injured children must be signed out at the office when they are collected.

If your child has been off sick, it is the parent’s responsibility to come to school to collect work, which has been missed.

If a child is ill on the due date of an assignment, it is the parent’s responsibility to bring such an assignment to school and hand it in to the respective teacher.


Staff may only be telephoned during break times or after school until 15:00 and not in the evening at all. Any appointments with staff are to be made for after school hours.  Doctor’s appointments, as far as possible, are to be made for after school hours.  Quarterly parent/Staff meetings are held at the school and all parents are encouraged to attend these meetings.  These meetings are hosted in the form of a soiree


School uniform is worn in the interest of learners, parents and staff.  It prevents competition between learners and is the most cost effective option.  All children starting from Grade RR~7 wear uniform. The uniform is as follows:

Grd RR and Grd R Boys and Girls:

Summer:      Navy quantic shorts, Orange navy blue and white combination school golf shirt, white socks and white only takkies (no markings of any colour at all) and the school dri-mac.

Winter:         School tracksuit pants, Orange navy blue and white combination school golf shirt, navy skin to wear under the golf shirt, school jersey and either the warm school dri-mac or the same one used in the summer.  White only takkies and white socks.

Girls Grd 1 – 7: :Summer:Orange navy blue and white combination school golf shirt and navy blue skort (gr 1-3) and shirt (gr4-7) with orange insert, navy anklets and school shoes.On cool days the school dri-mac may be worn. No winter uniform may be worn during the summer.  
 Winter:School winter jacket and long tailored navy school pants. Orange navy blue and white combination school golf shirt, navy anklets and black school shoes. The school dri-mac may be worn.  Navy only scarves, gloves and beanie may be worn but removed once class has begun.  
Boys Grd 1 – 7:Summer:Orange, navy blue and white combination school golf shirt and navy blue shorts with orange and white trimmings, navy long socks and black school shoes.  On cool days the school dri-mac may be worn.  No winter uniform may be worn during the summer.  
 Winter:School winter jacket and long tailored navy school pants. Orange navy blue and white combination school golf shirt, long socks and black school shoes.  The school dri-mac may be worn.  Navy only scarves, gloves and beanie may be worn but removed once class has begun.

Friday Uniform:               All children may wear their official schoolhouse golf-shirt on Fridays and blue jeans.  White only takkies and white socks.  School dri-mac may be worn on cooler days.

Outing Uniform:              Full school uniform, appropriate to the season will be worn on all outings.

All items are to be well marked with the learner’s name.  We aim to negotiate for the most cost effective suppliers to lighten the financial burden of parents.


MaakPas Skooldrag
Tel numberBetsie Lourens 072 592 7990
 Lize Marais 082 312 4275


There are numerous highly qualified, professional therapists who can assist children experiencing difficulties.

Parents will be notified of problems without delay and a recommendation will be made as to the type of intervention required.  The school is committed to helping parents find a suitable professional once a problem has been identified.  Problems are only brought to parent’s attention after careful observation over a reasonable period of time.

Parents are expected to respond by taking the recommended action within two weeks.  The school is to be kept informed on which initial steps have been taken to address the perceived problem.  Once assessments have taken place, the school is to be provided with copies of the assessments.  Thereafter, progress reports need to be submitted to the school.  Regular therapy should be brought to the school’s attention without delay.  All reports submitted will be deemed confidential and will be kept on the child’s file.

All referrals are done with only the child’s best interest in mind.  Early intervention and consistent, intensive work on the problem area are the keys to success.


Outings are organized on a regular basis through the course of the year.  The cost of these outings is not included in the school fees.  Parents are requested to budget R600 per year per child for this.

A packed lunch in a disposable wrapper is usually required for these outings.  No yoghurt is allowed on outings.  Children must please wear their school uniform. For safety reasons the children are transported by rented busses or if available the school’s own bus to outing destinations.

Should parents know of interesting events, festivals or places, which would interest the children, please inform the office.

As from Grd 4 the children are taken on an educational tour/camp relevant to their age and curriculum.  This tour is not an optional extra but rather forms part of the school curriculum and all children are required to attend.  Information about the tour/camp of the year is made available to parents at the info evening scheduled in January of each new year.  Due to the cost of this tour/camp, parents are expected to make payments from the end of February.  A break down is provided at the info evening.