Welcome to Elturion Independent Christian School

In Christ we Work, Succeed and Enjoy.

Elturion Independent Christian School is committed to being a provider and developer of, an individualized and unique education system.  We will endeavor to use our expertise and knowledge to provide a comprehensive, quality based education. Elturion Independent Christian School is committed to excellence in education.  We commit ourselves to working co-operatively together as partners with the community to facilitate the growth of our learners intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically and to create respect for our environment and multicultural society.  To accomplish this, we employ suitably qualified staff who make use of the most innovative materials and modern technology available. Our school doors are open to all cultural groups provided they commit to uphold the rules and regulations stipulated in the constitution set out by Elturion Independent Christian School.

Pledge of Loyalty

– I pledge myself to remember that at all times and in all places I am the School’s representative.

– I will therefore strive to refrain from any word or deed which may bring discredit upon it.

– I will endeavor to be loyal to the staff and to all my fellow learners.

– I would ever seek to be worthy of the School, to add to its luster, and to cherish its highest traditions.

– I will try to play my part in passing it on to others, not less, but greater and better than it was passed on to me.